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Discover the healing beauty of the natural world with 600+ stickers!Whether you’re an artist, decorator, or sticker collector, Sticker Studio: Apothecary will cloak you in creativity with more than 600 gorgeous, full-color stickers. This gallery of high-quality sticker art and transcendent quotations connects with the sagacity of the natural world. Find the magnificence, wisdom, and serenity of mother nature through gorgeous crystals, candles, and flowers as well as animals, healing herbs, and other natural elements. Roam through this imaginative apothecary and surround yourself with purifying reminders that beauty can be found everywhere.- Use in creative projects, from collages to scrapbooks- Adorn home décor and personal items with evocative art- Jazz up cards, letters, and wrapping paper- Cherish as an artistic keepsake with words of wisdom reminding you to treasure the spirit of nature- Share as a gift with those who connect deeply with Earth’s energyWith hundreds of stickers honoring the natural elements, Sticker Studio: Apothecary offers so much to explore and love!

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20.0 x 2.0 x 24.0 CM





  • English
  • Purple
  • 9781250279347

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