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In 1972 the story of BMW M GmbH started with an exclamation mark, Back then, the BMW 3,0 CSL already embodied all the virtues the Bavarian sports department still stands for today: consistent lightweight design, masterful performance and a striking appearance, With this principle the uncompromising saloons BMW M3 and M5 pioneered a whole type of car classification and the models of the M performance group brought a motorsport feeling to the road.

On the 50th anniversary of the sports car icons, BMW M Love tells the whole story of the sporty BMW models – and is officially supported by the M GmbH.
Apart from sporty saloons, the M GmbH always knew how to catch public attention with spectacular racing successes, prototypes and activities, World-famous artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons used Art Cars as their canvas, With numerous stories from 50 years, this book presents the full history of the BMW sports cars with the telling ‘M’, Discover the greatest model icons anew, experience the most impressive sporting successes once more, and join famous M owners in their love for cars!

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