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Enjoy hours of fun with this classic build-your-own kit, complete with rocket body, detonator, press-out parts, groovy design decals, and a full-color instruction book.Well before Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon, people have been fascinated with space—whether it’s the movements of the moon, sun, stars, and planets or the possibilities of what (or who!) they contain—incorporating celestial objects into their mythologies and art. No longer the stuff of science fiction, space (and space travel) continues to challenge our curiosity and our imagination to this day. But even with the advent of private missions to “zero gravity” and travel to Mars a distant possibility, being an astronaut is still out of reach for most of us. So if you’ve ever had dreams of building your own rocket, here’s your chance.The all-in-one Build Your Own Rocket Kit is exciting to build, whether on your own or with your family, and will lift off flight after flight. Included in this kit is an easy-to-follow instruction manual for putting together not only the rocket body and boosters, nose cones, and fins, but also the launcher and detonator. Learn why these parts are important and also what helps propel them through the air. Also in the manual are safety tips, hints for streamlining the building process, suggestions for personalizing the rocket with the included design decals, and just a bit of moon mythology.

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