Ladurée Macarons - The Recipes

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The legendary Ladurée macaron is finally unveiled: recipes for all 80 flavours from the famous brand that created the macaron Bright, colourful packaging and add-on poster enclosed with 101 full-colour photographs of the Ladurée macarons The Ladurée series has sold over 350,000 copies in 9 languages; Macarons are their most iconic product In the middle of the 20th century, Pierre Desfontaines, cousin of Louis Ernest Ladurée, created the first Ladurée macaron by having the genius to stick two macaron cookies together and fill them with a flavourful ganache. Ever since then, the preparation has stayed the same. Each season Ladurée celebrates this little round cake that's crispy outside and soft inside, a perfect balance of aromas and textures, by creating new flavours. Each year the palette of flavours and colours grows, from the classic chocolate or raspberry to festive macarons, exotic flavours for certain destinations, fashion designers, perfumes etc. This book presents each of the 80 Ladurée macarons, their aromas, inspirations, trend books and of course all the recipes to make them at home. At the end of the book there is a practical, step-by-step section to show exactly how Ladurée's chefs make the cookies and the ganache fillings, so you can be sure to succeed in making them too.

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