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An American expat searches vibrant cities and quiet pueblos for the essence of authentic Mexican style.Revealing the richly visual and cultural details that are the essence of Mexican style, design editor and photographer Newell Turner has done for Mexican design what legendary culinary pioneer Diana Kennedy did for Mexican food.Elegantly organized around nine decisive decorative periods that have shaped México’s unique design journey to the present day, Turner establishes a visual dialogue with the reader that beautifully captures the depth and subtleties of the country’s aesthetic legacy. Ushered behind the walls, gates, and doors of private México, we are introduced to an intriguing world of interior design and architecture—including the highly developed civilizations pre-dating the arrival of Columbus; the Spanish colonial arts; the dynamic response to global movements such as Art Deco and Surrealism; and a rich survey of modernist and contemporary work. Woven intricately into this history is Turner’s own story of discovering the distinctive soul of México, where—in the spirit of memoirs in which a traveler discovers another country—he finds himself along the way.

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