Photographic Memory

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Do you ever wish you had a photographic memory? Imprint 25 classic photographs on your mind by matching the two halves of the image and piecing together the history of photography in the process. Featuring 25 world-famous photographers, from Anna Atkins to Martin Parr, this unique new memory game is a perfect gift for fans of photography and art. MATCH IT: A fun, simple game of matching pairs. In the format of a classic memory game, this unique photographic memory game will have you piecing together famous artworks! BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Discover 50 cards imprinting 25 classic photographs on your mind by matching the two halves. EASY TO PLAY: Easy to understand instructions make it possible to start playing right away. HIGHEST QUALITY: Includes a full colour booklet with information on all 25 world-famous photographers from Anna Atkins to Martin Parr and many more GIFTS: The perfect gift for photography and art fans or simply people wanting to get to know photographers work more.

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14.5 x 10.0 x 4.8 CM

  • 9781786279019

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