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A gorgeous showcase of twenty-eight female Australian surfers from Tasmania to Noosa.The women of Surf Life are strong, independent, and resilient - incredible surfers who live, work, and create on the coast. They are connected to their community and well-respected in their fields.Surf Life interviews twenty-eight women, spanning from Tasmania to Noosa. It features famous surfers, including longboard champion and environmental activist Belinda Baggs; professional surfer Lucy Small, co-creator of the Equal Pay for Equal Play campaign; and popular surfing podcaster Lauren Hill. Here you’ll learn about their lives by the sea, their experiences learning to surf, how surfing influences their creative processes, advice to new surfers, and what they fear about surfing (no, it’s not just sharks). Surf Life also explores the relationship between motherhood and surfing: to surf or not surf while pregnant, the desire for your children to surf with you, the bonding that it can bring, and the long car rides.With stunning photography and in-depth interviews, Surf Life showcases these women’s creativity and coastal lifestyle. It offers inspiration and escapism for those living in cities, dreaming of crashing waves and blue skies, and is perfect for those who have taken up surfing and love being in the water.

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