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David Hockney - 40 series Sale price199,20 kr
David Hockney - Drawing from Life Sale price303,20 kr
David Hockney. 220 for 2020 Sale price27.900,00 kr
David Hockney. A Bigger Book Sale price31.392,00 kr
David Hockney. My Window Sale price783,20 kr
David Hockney. My Window. (Baby Sumo) Sale price24.412,00 kr
Hockney: A Graphic Life Sale price135,20 kr
Landscape Painting - Basic Art Series Sale price119,20 kr
Little People, Big Dreams - David Hockney Sale price103,20 kr
Love Life - David Hockney Drawings 1963-1977 Sale price223,20 kr
Spring Cannot be Cancelled - David Hockney Sale price135,20 kr
The Arrival of Spring - David Hockney Sale price215,20 kr