Get in bed with New Mags

Bringing coffee table books into your bedroom styling will add a sophisticated twist to soft duvets and heavy curtains. Stacked neatly on a nightstand or arranged in an artful manner, these visually striking volumes, usually intended for living room display, can complement your bedroom decor, whether it’s adding a pop of colour, texture, or a touch of elegance to the room.


215,20 kr

The Tulip Garden
Avalon - Travertine
Faces Sale price215,20 kr
Ray's a Laugh. Richard Billingham. Sale price607,20 kr
The Tulip Garden Sale price271,20 kr
Avalon - Travertine Sale price1.196,00 kr

The weight and size of your coffee table books might not be conventual for bedtime reading, yet they add a distinctive charm to your nightly wind-down routine. Join bed early, and flip through the books - there is different kind of comfort in exploring captivating contents before saying goodnight. 

Discover the ideal books to enhance your bedroom decor and enjoy a relaxing read before sleep. Explore a range of genres, including art, photography, travel, and design, to find titles that not only beautify your space but also enrich your mind and spirit.