Nothing says more about us than the books we own

Coffee table books are real eye-catches; they should always be easy to grab, pleasant to touch, and delightful to flip through. While it’s a given to grace your coffee table with at least one, or perhaps a selection, of these books, let’s transcend the ordinary.

Elevate your living space by using the stylish literature as design elements that transcend the expected - adorn your bookshelves with your finest collection or grace a small stool tucked away in the corner with a funky one. Embrace that your personality is naturally reflected in your choice of titles.

Paul Klee: 1939
The Silver Spoon Classic
Openhouse No.19
This Is Home
This Is Home

247,20 kr

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Paul Klee: 1939 Sale price367,20 kr
Sold out
The Silver Spoon Classic Sale price367,20 kr
Openhouse No.19 Sale price135,20 kr
This Is Home Sale price247,20 kr