The Infinite Maze

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Each card in the infinite maze is its own unique world:
Find the characters who have got lost from each world, and help them journey their way through the maze back home!

Climb ladders, avoid obstacles and pick up items on your way as you race to complete the Infinite Maze:
There are endless ways to play, but there is only ever one correct solution.

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES: The 20 maze cards can be put together in any order, in over two trillion different combinations, but there is only ever one correct solution!

MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY: use the cards to tell stories, compete against one another to race through the maze, or work together to get your character home

FLOOR-GAME FUN: Build one continuous maze stretching up to 170cm (67in) wide

DRY-ERASE PEN INCLUDED so you can play time and time again

INCLUDES A BOOKLET full of all the character's stories

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8.0 x 11.0 x 3.2 CM

  • English
  • 9781399612609

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