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A beautifully illustrated guide to building a cabin in the wilderness, packed with practical advice and insights into of the history of cabin culture around the world

Throughout history, people around the world have built cabins as homes, retreats, and even follies. In recent times, many have been drawn to cabin-building by a yearning to connect with nature and spend time in the wilderness. From the homes of indigenous peoples and the settlers in North America to contemporary Nordic summer homes and artists’ retreats everywhere, the emotive lure of cabin-building has deep roots and shows no sign of abating.

In 2010, journalist and author Will Jones gave up London life to move to rural Canada with his young family. His dream was to build a remote cabin in the woods that would be a silent retreat from the world. This is the story of how he created the ultimate hideaway, inspired by cabin-building practices from around the world. In this book, Jones explores the history and romance of cabin-building and delves into the architectural styles, vernacular idiosyncrasies, and tools and techniques of historical and modern builders. Weaving the personal story of his cabin build with illustrated practical know-how on everything from deciding on site and orientation to foundations and interior design, Jones’s essential book is full of inspirational ideas. The urge to escape the city and live in nature has never been stronger. Part story, part history, and part practical guide, this is the ultimate read for anyone dreaming of building a cabin of their own.

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