Car Racing 1965

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The DPPI (Diffusion Presse Photo International) agency is the brainchild of a handful of men who shared a passion for both photography and automobiles – especially sports cars. DPPI immediately set about sharing as widely as possible the day-to-day experiences of drivers and racing teams on road and track. The first volume of this collection – the first of its kind – takes us to the heart of a golden age in motorsport history.Be it at Le Mans, during hillclimbing races, or on the first tracks devoted to what would later become the main attraction, Formula 1, both cars and drivers are accessible, welcoming. Everyone smiles at fans, who are not yet crowded against the rails of the route or circuit. The curated selection comprising hundreds of photographs from DDPI’s vault, with commentary by the photographers and people involved at the time, draw the reader into a universe full of adventure, stories brimming with humanity that centre on exceptional machines.

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