Charcuterie: Pâtés, Terrines, Savory Pies

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This complete cooking course on charcuterie, written by the world-renowned culinary school’s experienced teaching team of chefs, features everything you need to know to create delicious terrines, pâtés, pies, and other charcuterie dishes. It includes 35 techniques explained in more than 200 step-by-step instructions, to prepare sausages, debone and fillet fish, or decorate a pâté en croûte, and 70 recipes organized by category: pies, tarts, and pâtés en croûte; pâtés and terrines; rillettes and pulled meats and fish; stuffed dishes; and cooked charcuterie. Replete with 350 illustrations, this comprehensive cookbook explains the history and fundamentals of French charcuterie―an age-old craft―provides key terms and their definitions, and includes detailed diagrams of meat cuts in the US, UK, and France. Base recipes for pastry, broths, and stuffings as well as condiments such as chutney or pickled vegetables are featured, alongside techniques for cutting and cleaning ingredients and assembling and decorating dishes. From country pâté to eggplant and miso terrine, Scotch eggs to spicy cabbage and herb sausages, salmon and spinach terrine to Beef Wellington, or Serrano ham croquettes to blood sausage empanadas, the easy-to-follow recipes include traditional versions as well as innovative, modern reinterpretations, including plant-based and meatless variations.

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