Derian Gift Wrap and Gift Tags

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A curated collection of wrapping paper sheets and matching gift tags from John Derian’s exquisite collection of 19th\-century paper designs.
The book includes 12 perforated wrapping paper sheets – from flowers to oceans and everything in between – that detach and unfold to 479mm by 654mm, along with 12 matching gift tags. John Derian first caught the eye of tastemakers and design gurus with his now iconic collectible plates, decoupaged with 19th\-century artwork sourced from old and rare books.
Derian’s home goods empire has since grown to global recognition, including the New York Times bestseller John Derian Picture Book, which perfectly captures the artist’s unique and timeless eye. Now, for the first time ever, comes a new line of stationery, including wrapping paper, notebooks, puzzles, wall decals, stickers, and more.

Each product in the John Derian stationery line features 19th\-century imagery, including lush florals, expressive animals, abstract patterns, and hand\-drawn letters, all bursting with personality, color, and nostalgia.

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25.0 x 1.0 x 33.0 CM



  • 9781648290176

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