Down to Earth

Salgspris319,20 kr
An ancient building method that has experienced a renaissance in recent years as people seek greener and more sustainable building materials and construction methods, rammed earth is a wall building technique that uses earth, chalk, lime and gravel as raw materials. Naturally insulating, non-combustible, and durable, they can be labor intensive to construct without machinery and are susceptible to water damage if not properly protected or maintained. Nevertheless, rammed earth buildings are found on almost every continent, in a range of environments from the humid, to the semi-arid and temperate – from simple single-family dwellings to large and complex multistory buildings. Alongside green building considerations, the availability of the natural components and a design suited to local climatic conditions are key factors which favor their use. Down to Earth is a compilation of some of the most interesting recent examples of this interesting and unusual building technique.


24.5 x 2.4 x 28.5 CM





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