GIN & TONIC - Gold Edition

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Tags: Drinks, Gin, Recipes

An essential guide for gin lovers in search of an original take on this wonderfully complex drink. Richly illustrated, it covers the history of gin and gin brands with their distinct characteristics and distilled flavours. It explores the exciting, more recent developments in the marketing, bottling, and packaging of gin which is increasingly quirky, artistic and original. Includes an overview of some of the hip and cool places to drink and discover a world of gin. Beyond ‘ice and a slice’, how do you put together the perfect gin and tonic, from the amazing array of new infusions? What are the flavours and textures in food that best accompany this very particular drink? Discover this and more, with food pairing ideas and recipes to create at home. This new and exclusive gold edition has been fully updated with the latest and tastiest gins and presents an overview of the most famous gin bars around the world.

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  • 9789401483988

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