Iconic New York

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The new edition of the classic Iconic New York surprises with an even larger format, and previously unpublished photographs of the world-famous metropolis on the Hudson River. Christopher Bliss, is a true New Yorker, and who else could depict this great city in a more authentic way? Because there is so much more to the probably most famous city on the U.S. East Coast than the Empire State Building, Times Square and the Statue of Liberty. It is the hidden squares and buildings in Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens that reflect the city's culture, everyday life and attitude to life.

Bliss knows them all and has photographed them all. The photo artist's work, compiled over many years, is exhibited in several galleries and is installed as a permanent exhibition at the Museum of New York City.

For all USA lovers and fans of New York, this coffee-table book is a must-have in the bookcase. Discover the city's landmarks, get to know the people who live there, and get an idea of the turbulent life in the megacity.

Edition: Bilingual (Text in English and German)

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  • 9783961715190

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