New Structural Packaging

Salgspris303,20 kr
This revised second edition, which includes ground-breaking new projects, contains stunning and innovative designs that reveal the incredible possibilities of packaging design. The book comes with copyright free vector-based templates and dielines that can be uploaded to a cnc machine and be reproduced and used. Each of these projects is the product of ongoing learning and evolution, and each draws on creative restlessness and the desire to discover new paths, explore fresh possibilities and take risks. All of them are illustrated with enlightening, high quality photographs and stencils that reveal the different techniques and simple, clear texts that explain the materials used in the production. The book consists of three sections that group projects together according to their degree of complexity, from the simplest proposals to the most sophisticated, within a wide range of sectors and applications. Each project is unique and is presented with all the details and information that readers need to be able to reproduce it on their own. The book’s premise is that the material presented serves as a source of inspiration for readers to open up that magic window of creativity and then adapt the designs to their specific needs, play with them and take on the challenge of discovering new forms and structures.

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20.5 x 4.0 x 18.5 CM





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  • 9788417412494

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