Street Food Coloring Book

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Looking for a fun and unique way to experience the world of street food? Look no further than the Street Food Coloring Book! From the classic fish and chips in London, döner kebap in Berlin and New York City pizza slices to hotteok in Seoul and tunnbrödsrulle in Stockholm. Street Food Coloring Book is packed with all your favorite street food dishes – and much more! Over 50 pages of intricate designs featuring everything from tacos and hot dogs to noodles and falafel, Street Food Coloring Book will transport you to the bustling streets of some of the world's most vibrant and delicious food destinations. Dream away to distant cities and new taste experiences. Plan your next food trip or the next home-cooked dinner while you relax and color the world's delicious street food. Whether you are a well-traveled foodie or have a newly awakened interest in the delicious world of street food, you will discover new things and be inspired by the Street Food Coloring Book. And make sure to treat yourself and have a snack on hand while coloring! Street Food Coloring Book is printed on marker and grease friendly paper, so your felt-tip pens won't bleed through and don’t worry about spilling some hot sauce on the pages.

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  • Multicolor
  • 9789188369819

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