The Weekender Singapore

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The Marina Bay Sand, the Changi Jewel and the fast-paced, high-rise city are what immediately comes to one’s mind about Singapore. This is ‘The Weekender’s’ first flight into the Asia Pacific region and this issue will present Singapore in a different and more laid-back perspective than you might be used to. However, it will still showcase the iconic architecture and landmarks that juxtapose with a melting pot of diverse heritages/cultures and remnants of the city-state’s colonial past. And at the same, this issue explores the blurred boundaries between the old and the new, the hardscapes and the softscapes. From starting the weekend with breakfast at a local enclave, rich in history and culture, to wandering the grounds of the UNESCO Heritage listed Botanical Gardens and then ending the day sipping a cocktail along Keong Siak Road, a trendy neighbourhood littered with eateries and bars, Matthew aspires for the book to bring about a more local and intimate experience of what the city-state has to offer for a weekend getaway or a pit-stop to explore the rest of region. Whilst the flow of the book will incorporate the weekend trajectory, the mixture of content will mean that a reader is both influenced by Matthew’s imagery of the city, without explicitly having to follow a specific route but allow them to adventure at will.

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