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A unique book for fashion lovers which investigates Diesel's journey through denim, highlighting the innovations that took the denim world by storm and the aesthetic relevance of the pieces today, In forty years of activity, the Diesel brand has managed to construct a world that communicates values of rebellion, nonconformity, and individuality.This book celebrates Diesel's irreverence and innovation in the rejection of the often overly serious vernacular that surrounds denim. Diesel's denim has really been the gateway into a much wider and larger lifestyle arc, masterminded by Renzo Rosso, Denim is the fabric of Diesel, but in-between the warp and weft of those threads, what Diesel really communicates is something that goes far beyond the physical garment, In addition to shooting and recontextualizing the archives, the volume also looks at the present, on how the denim permeates and punctuates Diesel's world today, concluding with the exciting output from Diesel Red Tag as more and more collaborators (Shayne Oliver, Glenn Martens, and more to come) are added to the fold.This volume is not an academic study, nor is it a chronological retelling of Diesel's history in denim, It is a tongue-in-cheek compendium about Diesel's denim universe. New images shot by four different photographers are interspersed with archival visual material, campaigns, and editorials.

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