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Beyond Buildings. Copenhagen based architecture studio 3XN is creating projects all over the world based on high-level research and a global network of knowledge institutions. Beyond Buildings gives a portrait of the 3XN practice of designing for an agenda of humanistic values and radical sustainability.The work of GXN, the innovation unit of 3XN, provides a profound knowledge base of research into digital design, circular design and behavioral design. The projects in this book showcases the process and realization of a design methodology of 3XN and GXN, fully engaged in The Era of Knowledge.Beyond Buildings portrays the design method and architectural thinking of 3XN/GXN. Through interviews, essays, and cases the book gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of the processes and ideas involved in the design of architecture informed by high end knowledge of sustainability and technology.In The Era of Knowledge architecture has become rocket science. 3XN is fully committed to the agenda of expanding the domain of architecture beyond the building, addressing the urgent agenda of climate resilience and buildings performing on a foundation of humanistic values. The projects in the book documents through process material, models, drawings and photos the many layers of knowledge in every project.

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