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Bubbly is an effervescent collection of 60+ craft cocktail recipes perfect for celebrations of all kinds, from the everyday to the once in a lifetime! When was the last time you had champagne? New Year's Eve? Perhaps a friend's wedding? Do you remember how it tastes? Bubbly, sweet, satisfying, perhaps a little bit forbidden--champagne has long been an indulgence saved for those one or two occasions per year where celebration is not only called for, but mandatory. But in the modern world, where just about everything is uncertain, isn't every day worthy of celebration? Why limit our enjoyment to one or two days a year, when we deserve to be indulging on a weekly basis? Bubbly celebrates the magic of champagne and sparkling wine cocktails, with more than 50 ways to toast to all the good things in life.

With an irresistible gold-foil hardcover and 40+ gorgeous photographs, Bubbly features 60+ recipes for trendy craft cocktails made with champagne or sparkling wines, such as Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs, Brut, Demi-Sec, Extra-Dry, Rosé, and more. Believe it or not, champagne cocktails are actually some of the easiest to make at home! As author and photographer Colleen Jeffers shares, there are so many amazing two-ingredient combos that don't require special syrups or fresh citrus. It's the best of both worlds: high impact, low effort. In Bubbly, Colleen Jeffers shares her love for creating a good drink - and a great mood -with a few simple ingredients. Readers and fans of her IG will adore her tips and tricks for crafting sophisticated and seasonal drinks with sparkling spirits. And she's careful to include recipes for every skill set and budget--from a quick and inexpensive prosecco recipe to elevate a casual pizza night, to a complex seasonal sip that looks and tastes complicated, but really isn't hard to make. With this book, you'll be celebrating all year long with sparkling cocktails. Cheers!

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