Chidy Wayne

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In the Mirror is the first book to honor Chidy Wayne, a Barcelona-based, Spanish-Guinean imagemaker, whose practice spans painting, sculpture, illustration and music. Likewise, it is the very first book from the Creative Voyage imprint. At its heart, In the Mirror is a collaboration between artist and publisher that culminates in a celebration of the new, fine-arts focused chapter of Wayne’s creative career. Photographs of Wayne’s work and world pair with texts from esteemed members of his community—the artist Donald “Drawbertson” Robertson, his gallerist Marie de Brouwer and the writer and activist Noor Ammar Lamarty—and an in-depth conversation with the Creative Voyage team. Together, they explore the universal themes of existence and identity so prevalent in his first three major series, Ego, Pugna and Pugnator. In the end, these pages come together to create more than the typical monograph. Wayne, after all, puts a mirror to his universe, providing an intimate look into his studio, processes and more broadly, the human experience and self-reflection that shapes it all.

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