Concise Atlas of the World

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With more than 250 maps, graphics, and illustrations, the National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World offers an authoritative and engaging portrayal of the world and all that is in it. Expert, up-to-date maps of the world, every continent, and the United States include physical and political details and boundaries, key data for each continent, plus flags and facts for every country, enhanced with representative photographs portraying themes and regions. Additionally, maps and data-based graphics visualize the timely issues of our day, such as population trends, climatic conditions, health, and economics. A special section on space includes maps of Earth’s moon and Mars, as well as diagrams of the solar system, the universe, and exploratory missions. Large-format pages allow for copious detail; a sturdy softcover format promises a long shelf life; and a comprehensive place-name index enables quick and easy searches. This newest edition of the Concise Atlas of the World brings National Geographic’s award-winning cartography into everyone’s reach.

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