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A complete and thorough overview of different production and finishing techniques and how to make the most of them. Printing Design for Graphic Designers is a reference book that showcases design projects from all over the world and focuses on the processes that were used to print them. The book opens with a thorough introduction of printing history, from the primitive seal rolls used in Mesopotamia more than 5,000 years ago to today's digital technology. The projects are structured according to their printing specifications, which include cutting and folding, printing and varnishing, UV ink, thermography printing, thermochromic ink, screen printing, abrasive ink, solid colour-gold/silver ink, embossing and debossing and foil stamping. In recent years, with the help of new software tools, designers have incorporated printing finishes into their work. The result is incredibly sophisticated and daring effects applied to a wide variety of items, from business cards to record sleeves, books, posters and art. Printing Design for Graphic Designers is a wonderful journey into distinctive design and surprising creativity and will serve as a remarkable source of inspiration for graphic design and printing sector professionals.

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