Extraordinary Collections: French Interiors, Flea Markets, Ateliers

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The art of collecting and accumulating kindred objects―from artist’s palettes still freckled with oil paint, to hand carved picture frames, to a menagerie of toy animals―is at the core of timeless French style. 'Inspired by a lifetime of collecting “objects of every kind”, Montagut offers a glimpse inside the troves of 10 collectors, showcased in playful mood boards. Among the curious finds are embroidered 18th-century Madonnas at Atelier Vime, papier-mâché ducks in Normandy and coffee mills at Paris’s Marché aux Puces.' - Financial Times, 'How To Spend It' 'This unique and eccentric book is a real page-turner, the scope of these collections is wonderful, and Pierre Musellec’s photography paired with Montagut’s illustrations showcases how much these objects are loved.' - The Guardian French artist, designer, and talented antique hunter Marin Montagut celebrates the joy of collecting everything from textiles to mercury glass candlesticks to architectural details, taking readers inside ten private homes, flea markets, and unusual ateliers to discover the most whimsical treasure troves in France. From a film prop house’s array of bistro chairs to a vintage stock of brushes for all purposes, and from an art studio’s Grecian plaster casts to an amateur designer’s selection of antique clothing, and from Marin’s own wonder wall assemblages to a cook’s haven filled with copper dessert molds and pots―objects, when presented together as a series, create unforgettable interiors that radiate charm. Inspiration comes in repetition: a grouping of belle époque furniture ornamentation creates an artful space. The spare wooden forms of capipotes―devotional statues used in religious processions, their eyes turned heavenward in ecstasy―and silver ex votos can be the point of departure for the theme of an entire room. Marin’s moodboards and watercolor illustrations for each chapter provide endless ideas for the home.

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