Forever Senna

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Ayrton Senna is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers in history. Deified in Brazil, the man from São Paulo continues to fascinate long after his death on May 1, 1994, at the Imola circuit in Italy. Thirty years later, Daniel Ortelli, Thomas Woloch, and photographer Dominique Leroy have delved into Senna's story, from his debut in Formula 1 in 1984 to his final season with Williams ten years later.

Through exclusive interviews and testimonies from those who knew the Brazilian intimately – drivers, team managers, mechanics – the authors provide a truly human portrait of this driver who became a legend in motorsports. His character, strengths, weaknesses, moments of joy, or doubt, all facets of the career of the man known as "Beco" or "Magic," are revealed in this fascinating book filled with untold stories and anecdotes.

The entire narrative is richly illustrated with over 200 rare and unpublished photos by Dominique Leroy, a privileged witness to Ayrton Senna's career.

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