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In 2005, Fran Silvestre founded his Valencia-based interior design studio and architecture firm, Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. With its clean lines and minimalist yet sophisticated style, the practice rapidly attracted international renown. This monograph presents Fran Silvestre s finest projects that display his ethos of efficient beauty. Driven by the search for architectural continuity and the aim to create ideal places to live in, Silvestre pays special attention to the cohesion of his buildings within their natural environment the volumes celebrate their surroundings rather than take away from them. From the sunny shores of Valencia and Alicante in Spain to the verdant hillsides of Brazil and Colombia to Los Angeles and China, the striking projects illustrate Silvestre s approach of conceiving architecture that holds onto air and walks on water. Complete with an informative text written by leading expert Philip Jodidio, this new title will inspire readers to see architecture in a new way.

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