Frida Kahlo at Home

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Frida Kahlo at Home explores the influence of Mexican culture and tradition, La Casa Azul and other places Frida Kahlo called home, on her life and work.La Casa Azul, now one of the most visited museums in Mexico City, was the artist's birthplace and the home where she grew up. Health troubles and a trolley accident in her youth forced her to spend long periods at home convalescing and she took up painting to pass the time, ultimately developing her own distinctive style which depicted themes drawn from her own life but also contained a strong political message. She married renowned artist Diego Rivera and moved out of la Casa Azul, living in other homes in Mexico and abroad, until eventually returning to her childhood home and converting it into a space that reflected her dedication to Mexican culture.Fully illustrated, the book features Frida's paintings together with archive images and family photographs, objects and artefacts she collected and photographs of the surrounding landscape to provide an insight into how these places shaped this much-loved artist and how the homes and landscapes of her life relate to her work.

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