Grand Hotels of the World

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A journey through time and space to the world’s most iconic hotels, and a celebration of the splendour & majesty of these architectural gems and their rich cultural heritage. In Grand Hotels of the World, travel journalist Ellie Seymour takes us on a nostalgic journey around the world to discover 40 legendary hotels that have welcomed guests in luxury and style for centuries. Through exquisite photography and detailed descriptions, we are given a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lavish worlds these historic establishments conceal. From fabulous Claridge’s in London’s Mayfair and the luxurious St Regis New York, to the chic Splendido in Portofino and the timeless Villa Serbelloni on the shores of Lake Como, this book tells the fascinating stories of some of the world’s finest architectural gems and the famous guests to have sashayed through their storied corridors. Travel writer and author Ellie Seymour lives in Brighton, England. She gets excited about hotels, history, food, road trips and off-beat story angles. Her credits include BBC Travel, Citizen Femme, The Independent, The i Paper, National Geographic Traveller and others.

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