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Hypercars have been a source of dreams since the 1980s: exotic, blazing fast and priceless, extravagant and iconic. They have left an indelible impression on the retinas of a new generation of collectors, willing to pay a high price to get their hands on them. Photographer Kevin van Campenhout is one of the few who has been able to see all the models of this automotive elite up close, after a hunt that took him all over the world. The graphic quality of his photographs, which have a simple but unique signature, highlights their spectacular lines and vibrant colors in the world's most beautiful landscapes or urban settings. He manages to be one of the few to gain access to track down and capture the rarest gems on four wheels. In this book, you will discover the secrets of the 25 most extraordinary and rare car-unicorns, iconic cars, photographed down to the smallest detail.

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