Inside Pompeii

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A visually stunning, intimate photographic tour of Pompeii’s spaces, including many that have never been seen by the public. Pompeii, one of the most astonishing and well-preserved sites of classical antiquity, is also one of the world’s most visited architectural locations. Produced in partnership with the Archeological Park of Pompeii, this lavish volume takes readers on a tour of Pompeii through an array of visually compelling and original photographs by Italian artist Luigi Spina. Pompeii’s architecture is a central feature of Spina's pictures, which were shot at all times of day, in all seasons, and in natural light. Lacy peristyles and rows of ruined columns give way to intimate, atmospheric interior spaces. Mosaic floors and beautiful wall paintings are reproduced with stunning fidelity and sensitivity. The volume also includes an essay by Gabriel Zuchtriegel, director of the Archeological Park of Pompeii, and several meditations on the history, architecture, and natural beauty of the city. Inside Pompeii provides the wondrous experience of wandering through this remarkable site without ever leaving home. Luigi Spina is an Italian photographer. He has published more than twenty books and has created photographic campaigns for institutions and museums throughout Europe.

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