Made in Cuba

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Made in Cuba features 30 creative professionals, makers and entrepreneurs on the island. Writers and photographers Molly Mandell and James Burke dive into the remarkable DIY (do-it-yourself) culture that permeates every corner of the country. Fueled by limited trade with other parts of the world, this is not just pastimes or craft projects. It is simply an element of day-to-day existence and a testament to the self-reliance, resilience and creativity that is synonymous with Cuban people.The book offers deeply personal accounts of everyone from farmers living almost entirely from their land to artists restoring once-luminous neon signs and designers circulating an independent magazine with a USB distribution network. It also includes guest essays from the likes of singer and composer Daymé Arocena and writer Leonardo Padura. More than a tome on DIY solutions, Made in Cuba is an inside look into everyday life in the capital city of Havana and beyond.

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