Matisse - Life and Spirit

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Spanning six decades of the artist’s work, Matisse: life & spirit presents an extraordinary immersion in the range and depth of the art of Henri Matisse, one of the world’s most beloved, innovative and influential artists. The works reach from his early adventures in colour as a Fauvist through to the serene and distilled designs for his chapel in Vence in the south of France. Through paintings, drawings, sculptures and a compelling presentation of his triumphant cut-outs, it reveals how Matisse renewed his vision time and again over his long career, seeking new ways of celebrating the seen world and expressing the energy he felt in it. Highlights include the especially important early work Le Luxe I 1907; the mid-career masterpiece Decorative figure on an ornamental ground 1925; and the majestic self-portrait, The sorrow of the king 1952, one of the largest of the famous cut-outs that the artist created in his late career. Filled with brilliant colour, dynamic energy, visual joy and emotional power, Matisse: life & spirit offers an inspirational journey through the life and art of this ceaselessly inventive and life-affirming painter.

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