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Today’s discerning traveller is looking not merely for luxury but for a unique experience. But in this age of low-cost flights and easy travel, how do you avoid the crowds and find the hidden gems? Not via sponsored search results or thousands of indistinguishable reviews, that’s for sure. What you need is on-the-ground, in-person, tried-and-trusted knowledge.In this new guide to France – the most visited country on the planet – Herbert Ypma surprises and delights with his unequalled eye for detail and his unerring ability to judge what makes the difference between a good experience and a truly memorable one. The numerous experiences and tips that he maps out across the length and breadth of France fall into four key categories. ‘Staying in Character’ presents thirtyfive places to stay, from the grand to the eccentric, all embodying the soul and character of their setting – whether it’s bedding down in a surf shack at Soulac-surMer or soaking up centuries of history at the luxurious Château de Canisy. ‘Eclectic Experiences’ offers thirty stand-out experiences, from climbing the Dune de Pyla to salsa-dancing in a calanque (a fjord-like inlet); ‘Legend for Lunch’ points you in the direction of twenty of the most authentic places to eat, while ‘Convincing Context’ presents ten experiences enhanced by nuggets of history.Together they amount to a new map of authentic French experiences, making this the must-have 21st-century guide for the world’s most exacting traveller.

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