Nice To Ski You Quartet

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• High quality box
• Quartet in slip-lid box, 32 cards with 32 ski resorts

Skiing connects people. Based on this motto, graphic designer Peter Erlach had an idea in 2022: a quartet and mini travel guide presenting 32 legendary ski resorts and slopes, accompanied by the most important facts and figures. The selection of the 32 ski resorts is based both on the personal memories of the author, who grew up skiing in Austria, and on the destinations that are still on his wish list. Each ski area is presented on a map with a meaningful photo and all the important key data. This makes it easy to discover 32 of the most beautiful and spectacular ski areas. Accompanying it there is a booklet, which deals still more in detail with the areas and special attention lies also on the quality of the photos. All photographers are listed with their name and website, so you can also discover other impressive winter sports photographs.

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8.0 x 11.0 x 4.0 CM



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  • 9783949070419

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