On NFTs. Collector's Edition

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Numbered Collector's Edition (No. 1–2,500)

Four limited Art Editions, 100 of each, with an NFT and an accompanying print of the NFT signed by the artist, and the book On NFTs in a stainless steel slipcase.

Robert Alice’s On NFTs is the first major art historical survey text on the most compelling, disruptive area of contemporary art today. A rigorous and critical examination of all facets of the NFT ecosystem, On NFTs takes a multidimensional, artist-led approach, leaving its readers with a richer understanding of a topic often shrouded in misconception and pixelated mystery.

The book, presented in TASCHEN’s iconic grand-scale BABY SUMO format, covers a wide range of essential information for both those new to or experienced with the modern medium. Featuring 10 essays from the world’s leading voices in art and the blockchain, including Hans Ulrich Obrist, On NFTs is a book that celebrates unlikely and thought-provoking connections from across art history. Expect illustrations of Rembrandt paintings alongside CryptoPunk avatars, extensive essays explaining the nitty-gritty world of NFTs—including Sol LeWitt’s influence on today’s artistic algorithms—as well as behind-the-scenes glimpses of the creative processes of pioneering artists from Beeple and Emily Xie to Snowfro and Refik Anadol.

Accompanying the 10 essays, On NFTs presents a co-curated survey of 101 key practices working in NFTs today. With each profile uniquely authored by handpicked experts, including curators, critics, artists, and AI, On NFTs embraces diverse and global voices to navigate this borderless movement. Perfect for both natives and newcomers, On NFTs features an extensive glossary of key terms, and a comprehensive exhibition history and timeline of the digital art canon.

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