Once Upon a Country Kitchen

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Imagine a country house with a log-walled kitchen, the heart of the home. There, a mother and daughter share a deep love for food. From this love, a cookbook was born as a celebration of food in its purest form.

Leena, retired from running a farm, mastered the art of cooking before readymade meals were a thing and the most exotic item in the local village shop was a bag of pearl rice. Daughter Anna, on the other hand, honed her culinary skills at a time when everyday meals could transport you to the other side of the globe and the fruit aisles abounded with fresh produce.

In the quiet of that log kitchen, they return to the essentials, embracing the timeless tradition of farmhouse cooking, where women have crafted meals for generations. Amidst an ever-changing world, hands knead dough and salt enhances flavours, just like a thousand years ago.

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