Out of the Woods

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The alluring power of timber transcends time and place. A wooden house can be a grand getaway in the countryside, but it can also be a modernist mansion or a row house in a big city. And increasingly, it can be a skyscraper, too.Humans have been building homes from wood for thousands of years, and today, timber is increasingly becoming a viable alternative to steel and concrete. Amid what some architects are calling the timber revolution, Out of the Woods explores how contemporary architects are working with this fundamental material. Recent advances in engineered timber have provided us with composite wood materials that have comparable strength-to-weight ratios to steel and concrete. The homes in this book celebrate the warm, tactile interiors that can only be achieved through the use of wood, from cheerful plywood-clad apartments to handsome mountain homes.Combining practical information with the voices of architects leading the movement, Out of the Woods explores the ever-enduring appeal of the wooden house.

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