Pasta et AI

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Celebrate one of life’s simplest pleasures in Pasta et Al, a joyous cookbook featuring sixty re-created classic Italian recipes for handmade pasta. Alec Morris was taught how to cook fresh pasta by his Nonna as a child, and now carries on the tradition every Sunday with his young sons, Aldo and Elio. The weekly family ritual became a successful blog, which grew into an international community drawn together by an irresistible blend of recipes served with a pinch of humour, plenty of heart, and some delightfully meddling little hands. Join Al, Al and El and discover how to make over thirty different pasta doughs and forty-two different pasta shapes – spanning long, short, big and flat, small and squishy, and filled – with step-by-step tutorials and a range of delicious recipes from wild olive busiate to rigatoni al forno, green lasagne to spiralled cappellacci. This vividly photographed, brilliantly written guide is a snapshot of love and loss, old traditions and new beginnings, and treasured Italian cooking. Pasta et Al: The Many Shapes Of A Family Tradition will inspire new and seasoned pasta-makers alike to create memorable traditions of their own.


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