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Anouk Masson Krantz’s newest work, Ranchland: Wagonhound, takes a deep dive into one spectacular working ranch in Wyoming.Her stunning photographs provide an outsider’s perspective into the American West spirit and its enduring strength that is alive and well in today’s contemporary worldThe ranch was named after a creek which runs through the property, Wagonhound Creek, which received its name due to the number of wagons on the nearby Oregon Trail that, while crossing the creek, broke their “hounds,” the part of the wagon that connects the tongue and axle.The Wagonhound owners took the reins of the historic ranch in 1999. The ranch works to honour and preserve the values and heritage of the American West, and return the land to a pristine condition, utilising conservation methods to ensure a balance between the land, livestock, farming, and wildlife to steward the ranch into the futureThe book includes an inspirational and powerful foreword by worldwide celebrated Gretel Ehrlich as well as other heartfelt contributions by historians Jeremy M. Johnston, Don Reeves and a new poem written for this title by legendary Russell “Red” Steagall, plus many others. Ranchland: Wagonhound is a unique and stunning large-format art book dedicated to the American rancher, who continues to honor and embrace the traditions of the American West while working tirelessly to conserve the land for future generations and return it to a pristine condition.Following on from the immense success of her two bestselling titles, West: The American Cowboy (2019), and American Cowboys (2021), renowned French photographer Anouk Masson Krantz takes one deep dive into the private world of Wagonhound in Wyoming, one of America’s largest working ranches, spanning more than 300,000 acres. Anouk’s exceptional fine art photography offers a rare window into the cowboy ranching culture and land stewardship of this historic ranch and the spectacular American West, showcasing their pioneering strength and enduring spirit in today’s contemporary world from an outsider’s perspective.These pages reveal the daily and seasonal rhythms of the ranch and the daily lives of its men and women cowboys, whose long hard days―starting in the dark and finishing in the dark―involve everything from cattle driving to branding to training the best quarter horses in the country and more. The book includes inspirational stories and powerful contributions from Art and Catherine Nicholas and other ranch family members, and essays by other notable figures such as Gretel Ehrlich, Jeremy M. Johnston, Don Reeves, Russell “Red” Steagall, plus many others.Earning wide acclaim for her large-scale contemporary photography, Anouk’s work has been praised internationally and has appeared in prominent galleries and museums.

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