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We believe in a practical home, and thrive in a relaxed one. A home should be welcoming, yet always personal. But just how do we define this feeling of being ‘Home’... Since publishing our first coffee table book, we have further developed our design approach, drawing on an even larger range of materials and design solutions. Along with our team of experienced architects and craftsmen, we have ventured into new types of textures, materials and constructions, all designed to make the experience of life richer. We are, as craftsmen and designers, still rooted in the same philosophies that inspired us to start the company back in 1994, only today we literally draw on a much larger scale. This book is a representation of that transition and includes 17 of our recent design and craft projects. At Simonsen & Czechura we believe that the concept of home comes down to the good experiences in life. The smell of your favourite dish, a thirst quenching drink on a summer day, the laughter of small children in the bath - all these feelings can be achieved in one place - your home. A home where all these qualities can be enhanced by the right relationships between light and space, textures, materials and colors, and by emotions brought forth through them. Our goal is to create a space that resonates with you on a personal level. A space for you to fill with love and good experiences. Reflecting
 a comfortable lifestyle in design is one of the highest achievements that we can strive for.
 That is also why we think that one of the greatest compliments you can receive as a host, is having a guest who puts his feet up and gets comfy,- just as you would do yourself. We experience that changing your interior may even change your outlook on life.

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