Sushi Secrets

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The technique and philosophy of top sushi chef to make truly delicious sushi.
Sushi is one of the most popular Japanese foods enjoyed around the world. The traditions and techniques of sushi have been passed down from generation to generation through apprenticeship, in which apprentice sushi chefs watch and learn from their masters. This book introduces the techniques for each fish that sushi chef Seiichi Sakanishi has spent his life refining to make delicious sushi. Readers can learn about the spirit of Japanese technique and sophistication that goes into making the ultimate sushi; the optimum season and location to obtain the best quality fish; how to identify good fish and how to prepare it; techniques to bring out the best flavor and more is all explained in detail. Transcending genre boundaries, this book is not only a reference for chefs around the world but is also an ideal book for sushi lovers to deepen their knowledge and enjoy sushi even more. Art director Kazuhiko Tajima and photographer Hiroshi Yoda have brought out not only the appeal of sushi and fish as food but also their visual beauty, making this book one that can also win the appreciation of art book lovers. Truly a must-have book for all true sushi lovers to understand everything about the profound world of sushi.

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