Thái Công - A Passion for Aesthetics

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Far more than a conventional tome on interiors, it offers a glimpse through the keyhole of the rich and beautiful A design piece in its own right, with special finishing touches you can see and feel For interior design aficionados, aesthetics enthusiasts, art lovers and fans of Thái Công When the German-Vietnamese interior designer Thái Công Quách gets down to business, he creates sumptuously furnished interior landscapes for everyone who loves the extraordinary. He cleverly combines elements of Western (pop) culture with the traditions of the Far East. For him, luxury is not merely an end in itself ― people are always at the center of everything he does. The interiors he has been designing for over 20 years bear his distinctive signature and an unmistakable style. A Passion for Aesthetics is the first coffee table book dedicated to Thái Công Quách’s unique form of expression. With incisive writing and captivating images, the book showcases finished interiors along with their sources of inspiration, and, most importantly, the master of staging discusses what aesthetics mean to him.

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  • 9783961714346

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