The Little Book of Herbalism

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An introduction to everything you need to enhance your life using nature’s pharmacy. This tiny guide will teach you everything you need to know about herbalism, the therapeutic use of plants as medicine for holistic healing, also known as Phytotherapy. The Little Book of Herbalism and Natural Healing demonstrates how herbs can be used to strengthen the body’s functions and enable it to heal itself, often without resorting to antibiotics. Whether you want to learn how to use herbs for common everyday ailments or how to grow your own herbs and use them in cooking, this trusty tome is the perfect companion. Herbal Immunity In Nature’s Pharmacy there are herbs that act as protectors and immune boosters. Elderberry This rich, dark purple berry has been used for hundreds of years in Europe. It has proven health-supporting properties. Full of flavonoids – an important group of plant substances – due to elderberry’s anti-viral action, this flu-fighter is good to take during the winter season as a preventative.

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