The Little Book of Sleep

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The Little Book of Sleep has all the information you need to enhance your life with a good night’s sleep.How much sleep is normal? What might be preventing you from sleeping well? This trusty tome deals with both of these questions and more. The Little Book of Sleep shows which foods are over-stimulating and which are calming, looks at dreams and what they mean, provides advice on surviving long plane journeys and avoiding the dreaded jetlag, and ends with a few sleepy myths that will have you nodding off in no time.Top Tips to Ease the StressThere are some ways to make shift work more bearable.1. When you are working, make sure the light is bright, and when you are meant to be sleeping, make sure the room is dark.2. Don’t wait until the night you start your shift to change sleeping patterns. Try to go to bed a little later each night in order to anticipate the change it will make to your wake-sleep patterns.3. Eat proper meals and don’t resort to convenience food and alcohol to help you wind down. You will cope better if you eat nourishing food.

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