The New Naturals

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The New Naturals celebrates 18 global homes that put wellbeing and environment first, incorporating eco elements and sympathetic natural materials that provide a nourishing connection to nature. The properties showcased include: renovated Victorian homes in London; Italian summer houses; New York retreats and Australian new builds. Their owners and designers are the likes of Louisa Grey (House of Grey), Jonathan Tuckey, Jack Harries and Alice Aedy of Earthrise Studios, Sebastian and Brogan Cox and many more. Their shared credentials are garnered from a focus on key eco elements such as clay walls, reclaimed wood, stone, and natural paints but their visual identities are unexpectedly varied. These contributors are pioneers of slow living and sustainable choices, whether it's a lick of paint, an upcycle of existing pieces, the use of sustainable materials, or modern technology that sits comfortably behind the scenes. All combine to create a book showing us how we must exist, now and in the future.

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