The Real Thing - Kim Buck

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First monograph on Kim BuckExtraordinary conceptual jewellery from DenmarkArt jewellery with an ironic twistText in English, Danish and ChineseKim Buck is partial to using well-known jewellery motifs such as hearts, daisies, signet rings, and crosses as a point of departure, but the materials can be anything from precious metals to found objects and ready-mades. With surprising combinations, wordplay, and a touch of irony, he questions the conventions of the jewellery business as well as the way national and religious symbols are used and abused. Even Denmark’s national jewellery piece, the daisy brooch, is up for scrutiny. To a conceptual artist, raising questions and prompting reflection is of utmost importance. The questions raised by Kim Buck through his jewellery and objects touch upon values, ethics, and social status and reach far beyond the jewellery field itself, disrupting our cultural habits and understanding of the self.

Edition: Multilingual (Text in Chinese, Danish, and English)

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20.0 x 2.1 x 25.0 CM





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  • 9783897906129

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